Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Returns

For all standard orders we will send the parcels through LBC with a flat rate of Php 150.00. Delivery time ranges from 3 to 10 days depending on where you are located. For Metro Manila, we offer other means of delivery for the same rate. Please contact us for your preferred courier service.

We offer refund or exchange 14 days after receiving the order. A refund will only be processed once the gemstone has been successfully returned to us in its original condition, packaging and certificates. Shipping cost won’t be refunded. 

Are your gemstones independently certified?

Most of the gemstones we offer are independently certified by a lab in Bangkok. For gems $100 below, it comes with a certificate from our in-house Gemologist.

We also offer to have any gemstone independently certified by a Gemological Laboratory including origin reports for a fee. The gemstone will be taken to a laboratory in Bangkok, where it will be tested and identified.

Are your stones treated?

Most of the gemstones in the market have been treated or enhanced to improve durability, clarity and color. In Sisarta, we will disclose the details of these treatments to our clients to ensure total transparency before making a commitment of purchase.